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7th to 13th July 2003

(I’m sorry to say I have not had enough time to put something together for tonight so)


I’ve had to join Robin Williams, and become a member of Dead Poet Society but then I thought again. Late evening when I donned my nighty

And put pen in my hand, and gave it a little time

And thought about you lot, and came up with a rhyme


So we are gathered once again, after a week of Blanco fun

To remember In rhyme, some of the things we might have done

Now some may feel scorned, and others may get the shits

As I recite your week’s misdemeanours, in scores of rhyming couplets


With so many teenagers, the lion den was very quiet

And the Olympic opening ceremony was a wonderful sight

With all the help you gave, you kids are now forgiven

For your nightly raucous parties, which left some broken and some smitten


The Hanley’s holiday took a drive, when they left the warmer clime

To spend a week in the cold, but had a great Blanco time

And Isabel in thirty seconds, gave Dennis a really big fright

Said sex is like a song, it’s been hard day’s night


Good food from the kitchen, dear Bronwyn couldn’t care a shit

For she brings to the dinner table, her own bottle of Marmite

AndPierreinspects the sauna, after the kids have doused the fire

He stokes and pokes the flames, till we perspire with desire


If the debate at night in the bar, is not hot and needs to thaw

Then just call on dear Mignon, but please, don’t mention the Law

AndRoywasn’t feeling well, said it was a bug in his stomach

But we all know too well, he’d just over-done it.


At night in lower meadows, lying in bed I beg for leg

The closest I got to procreation, was watching Lesley lay an egg

And Pete Cox broke an egg, right between his hairy thighs

And Colleen broke all the rules, by having the heater up on high




Nicky teaches science at Grey, knows her stuff but is clearly quite stern

For she sits by the fire all day, setting homework for the whole of next term Hubby Fred wearing shorts and sandals, up Black Eagle he easily was first

And on the bike when you think he is tiring, he puts foot and gives another final burst.


Now Vanessa’s been good all week, I’ve got nothing nasty to say

but she sang out of tune accompanying James, when in the pub he was singing My Way,

And the best relaxation for Jill, is to sit by the hut with literature

While Sam again takes out the kit, to fix yet another bicycle puncture


Bruce Barrow arrived late in the week, Tiffendell was their skiing resort

Heather sank the black at first try, says snooker is now her main sport

The McWilliams also came midweek, but made sure their presence was seen Allan and Heather sure played their part, in the victorious Olympic team.


The Saunders called Allan and Claire, with three kids out here in the sun

Dad’s back home after being away, and mom says wearing beanies is fun

And Wiseman’s called Ghita and Barry, up Loskop the last day of their stay Coming down was quite another matter, following Wayne as he lost his way.


And Guy did his stuff, with another great Olympic fest

With so much sporting talent, did he really know who was best

And Lindsay was a star, arranging Prickly Pear was really great

For morning tea, hot chocolate and lovely carrot cake.


For fun and entertainment, Louis stampedes the Wildebeest

And after dinner in the bar, he entertains all the guests

And Jenny the sporting Mum, looking always very chic

With not a hair out of place, she easily wins the Olympics.


Lynn Hobbs was feeling ill, Blanco tummy was the range this year,

So no time for annual shopping, nor a trip to the Prickly Pear,

But Neill was in fine form, and on his bike he looked quite cute

But he had us all in stitches, with his yarn about a suit.


If your cool drinks have gone missing, and the bar needs a lock

Then call inspector grim, Oh ourWayneis still in shock

And Debbie played bar games, all night in the Kroeg

Kept on with 30 seconds, till we were all tired and moeg


And Dave at the piano, played fine music without the boom

Of the base drum and guitar, that emanates from the rec room

And Sandy spent a morning, at a store called C and D

Says even though it’s Tarka, its still great retail therapy.



And Richard to the Prickly Pear, drove the little ones for tea

Complained one was very chatty, just like her mommy namedSandy

Now Hester she’s plain bedonnerd, swimming four lengths under ice

But we will all agree this year, your pink hair is very nice


Now loosing balls at Blanco, was the best of golfing fun

But Dave’s now gone and spoilt it, with a perfect hole in one

And Lynne was there as witness, with shouts of joy as she should

Watch out Ernie Else, be careful Tiger Woods


And Elaine had a good giggle, watching hubby on the first tee

With balls in every direction, she laughed so mush it made her wee

And talking about balls, have you see Ian in his cycle shorts

I think his shop in Hermanus, is clearly for other sports


Our Baron Ian van Trapp, he’s feeling sad and sore

For he’s climbed every mountain, and he’s moaning there are no more

And to his lovely wife Jane, every bit the perfect Tannie

She’s given the best Blanco treat, to a little boy named Attie.


For most of us as at Blanco, horse riding is just fun

But dear Ruth took a tumble, now she got a very sore bum

And Dr. Roaul brought his medicine, but it’s only a pupil dilator

To get relief for poor Ruth, he used Jane’s 12-inch vibrator


If you dream of reaching for the stars, ask Neville for his long telescope

But keep your curtains drawn he may just peep you having a poke

And Jenny’s last to leave the sauna, she says she likes it all sticky and steamy Neville says pour more Eucalyptus, he loves when her eyes all go dreamy
Now most of life’s an illusion, just look at the owners too new

All week we call them Chris and Kim, when their names are really Fuzzy and Foo

And so to end we thank you Kim, and congratulate you Chris

For ensuring for years to come, unblemished Blanco bliss.


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