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Blanco Spring News 2012

All of us at Blanco would like to say that James, one of our loyal and loved employees died a few weeks ago quite unexpectedly.  His funeral was held on Blanco yesterday and his life was celebrated with warmth and love by all.  We will certainly miss him very much, he was a wonderful man.  

The long weekend is off to a wonderful start with kiddies running wild and free everywhere.  The weather has gone cold on us again but it is a still beautiful day and the outdoor activities are in full swing.  

Blanco Guest Farm would like to thank our one and only earth angel Chanel Smailes yet again for constantly being an integral part of our community outreach program. We are constantly in awe at her generosity of spirit and all that she does for our community. The donations made to the foster care home from Blanco group of funders has made an enormous impact on the lives of little people and we cannot thank everyone enough.  You know who you are!

Thank you to Uncle Lionel, one of our longest standing and most loved guests for once again helping with the Blanco veggie gardens.  We have no idea what we would do without your green fingers.


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