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Blanco’s New Owners

It’s that time of year when we all go

To our very favourite Guest Farm – Blanco

This year however, was different you see

Because Blanco has new owners – Chris and Kimmy.


As we made our approach we all wondered I know –

About the new owners – would it change our days at Blanco?

Good changes we have seen around and about

These two people have worked hard there is no doubt.

We’ve had fun this year – we’ve had a ball

And Chris and Kim have been part of it all.

In order to see his guests to bed safely –

Chris has been seen to lock the pub after three!

Wherever you go, whatever you do

There’s a friendly Laubsher face to meet and greet you…

If the problems are big, if the problems are small –

Chris and Kim see to them all;

Quick as a flash, they always do their best

To look after and pamper the Blanco guest.

This shapely young lass who has a smile for all

Is not however going to stay this small…

In May next year a new baby arrives

To bring joy and happiness into the Laubsher lives.

This group of hooligans would like to share your joy,

We really don’t mind if it’s a girl or a boy;

We would like you to accept something from us all

To save you a trip to the Queenstown Mall!


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