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7th to 14th July 2002

After a good week of fun, and as we are heading for home,

I’ll recite a few memories, in the form of a poem.

You may be mentioned by name, or I may have left you out,

And if you feel insulted, then just set in the corner and pout.


For those too young to vote, there are far too many to name,

And after your 3am parties, you all look the same.

But we can see you’ve had fun, laughter mixed with a yarn,

But what goes on in the rec room, with lights out and curtains drawn?


You all opened the Olympics, with candle flute and young Daniel,

Doing more tricks with those sticks, than my favourite cocker spaniel.

And let’s not forget the young in the lion’s den,

Their only wish in life, is to eat here when they are ten


So without further ado, let’s get on with the rhyme,

With 45 adults, it could take a long time.

Let’s start with family Coomer, and our padre called Martin,

His snoring by the fire, Dear Lord, what a din.


If it’s a well-run Olympics, or darts that must fly

If you want a sports event, just call the organiser Guy,

And Lindsay turned forty, another birthday on the farm,

But someone else made the cake, so she couldn’t care a darn.


And our neighbour Sue, every day another jacket,

You can bet your bottom dollar, it’s costing Rob a pretty packet.

And to Rob our bingo caller, his jokes edging bolder,

Says we’ll play the game again but when we’re all a little older,


To Debbie, Roger and Glenda, the parents who came alone,

Showed us how to have fun without a spouse or a moan.

To sporting champ Roger, the Lord of the Olympic Rings without partner Glenda, he wouldn’t have won a thing.





And Vanessa and James, a travelling they have been,

FromPretoriato Hermanus, and Blanco in-between.

To our Amsterdam Hoekers, dear Warrick and dear Lynne.

The same seat in the bar, with a gin and a grin.


And here’s to Dave Curran, that charming man from Coke,

Please remove the vending machine, its starting to make us broke.

And to his lovely wife Lynn, always by his side,

Their game of “Check you Mate”, brought tears to our eyes.


And Louis’s the man with a song and a joke,

You’ll have to agree, he’s a jolly fine bloke,

And Jenny’s good humour is just par for the course,

Then to our dismay, she fell off her horse.


To our climber called Ian, the intrepid mountain goat,

Always first to the top, but never one to gloat.

And to his wife Jane, who has a heart of gold,

With always a kind word, for the young and the old.


To Gill and to Sam, the man of quiet voice,

You can see their good looks have come out in their boys,

And Roaul made us laugh with his joke about the stoker,

With movements like that, Ruth must enjoy the game of poke-her.


To dive bomber Dave at the pool he ruled the Law,

By splashing all the kids, but he’s still trying to thaw,

And to his wife Debbie, she is the real sporting mum,

But this week she’s over done it, now she got a sore bum.


To Hester the knitter, spend all her week on herJersey

If you ‘re cold on your next swim, don’t look to us for any mercy.

And Richard in the room, near the bar couldn’t sleep a wink,

Until Louis’s singing voice, finally went on the blink.


And weatherman Sandy, never short of telling a tale,

Said all the roads were closed, due to a silly little gale.

And Kate had a first, with a sweat in the sauna,

But says that hug from hubby, make her feel a whole lot warmer.






And Neville walked the mountain, wearing only socks and sandal,

But with his heat in the sauna, he really started a scandal,

And wife Jenny in the sauna, wet T-shirt to boot,

All the boys agree, you’ve never look so cute.


In the beer tasting fest, if you guessed you came first,

But don’t call on Graeme, if you’re dying of thirst.

And Jayne was distressed, when their daughter broke her arm,

With the amount on the bill, they could have bought his whole farm.


And to my wife Les, of course I do love her,

But did you have to win, the golf, tennis, bowls and snooker.

Now to get onto clothing, if you need a sporting vest,

Just visit the sports shop, of Duke and Duchess Best.


And then we have Neill, the man who has no fear

Lets Lynne loose with his wallet, to buy the stock at Prickly Pear.

And Ian and Elaine, sporting their gear from Billabong,

They say please visit Hermanus, their clothes are going for a song.


And Nick at the Olympics, trying his serve and volley,

Says these sporting party games, are a whole bunch of folly.

And to his lovely wife Elaine, always smoking at the bar,

Don’t you think she looks great, despite the nicotine and the tar?


And Mark fromEast London, the man who wears short pants,

Got a kick up the arse, from one of Patrick’s elephants.

And his lovely wife Karen, the super-mum with four,

Says next year at Blanco there’ll certainly be two more.


To Veronica in the kitchen, the “sauce” of great food

And to Owen and his team, for making the farm look so good.

And to Lynne and to Patrick, you’re the very best of hosts,

At home to our friends, a great holiday we will boast.


So thank you for your time, for allowing me to speak

We’ll see you all next year, same place and same week.


Trevor the Toad


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