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Holiday at Blanco – Natalie Waterson

There’s no place on earth quite like Blanco

a true home away from Home

where you’re welcomed in with a warm-hearted glow

and even an aid to help you un-tow


Where the air is so fresh, clean and crisp

and the stars glisten magnificently – you’re

glad you made the trip


Where the children run wild and carefree –

all tussled and unkept

and no-one raises an eyebrow – so no moms

need to fret


Because children’s happiness and safety

Is the Blanco staffs’ highest call

and the genuine love and attention they give them

keeps them standing proud and tall


We all can tell the newcomers

by the way they lock their room door

but two days with the Blanco family

and all guardedness falls


The inspirational messages and the notes on the

message board

never fail to falter steps and send thanks

up to the Lord


For a group of people determined, to do business

God’s way

and in return for their efforts, bring their

clients back again.


People meet as acquaintances but before the week is through

new and special bonds are created and an

extended family grows a-new.






The presentation of the elephant foot

has become an unavoidable rule

and those “lucky enough” to be nominated

know they must now use it as their stool.


The Rhino Horn, once a beautiful thing,

has had a turn-a-bout too

and now it’s used to honour folk for

doing something cool.


The sporting events will certainly keep

you fit and on your toes

just keep in mind, it’s only a game – no

need to make a foe.


Then just when you think you’ve seen it all

a Blanco “dress up” is arranged

and the resort is transformed by geisha dames,

burley babes, bunnies, boxers and even a

beggar – how deranged!


The food at Blanco is undeniably delicious

dare I say it? even better than his moms!

And thank the Lord, if it wasn’t for

sporting fun

we’d all be ticking time bombs!


Yes, while it’s true, there are those resorts

that can boast of good food and some fun

which can boast of bringing folks closely

together – when all is said and done?


A holiday at Blanco is an unbelievable

experience no-one could ever forget

where memories are made, friendships formed

and dreams and goals are met


And when it’s finally time to say goodbye,

our friendship ties temporarily sever

we can smile, because we all know, at

Blanco – it’ll never be forever.


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