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June Winter Update from Blanco

Temperatures continue to drop and we have had some very fun but icey days and nights at Blanco so far this year.

One of our horses, Fire, somehow managed to get herself caught in a reservoir.  We found her with just the tip of her nose sticking out of the water.  She was badly cut, almost had hypothermia and was in a great deal of shock but after a valiant rescue mission by Chris, Lucky and the boys we managed to get her out and she is going to be alright.  She has been covered warmly and is recovering.  Never a dull moment at our peaceful little place.

Blanco has been having such uncharacteristic winter rains that even the bottlegat is running in the middle of June!  To those guests who are joining us for the winter don’t forget to bring your warmest winter woollies and some wellies. 

Oh, and of course a bottle of port and hot chocolate.  We will keep the home fires burning.

Our winter guests have been behaving beautifully so far.  This good run is certain to end this week though with the Whittakers, McCarty’s and Tony Ross arriving!!!

Thank you to Paul Dukas for the gorgeous pictures of the hikers going up Martha and spotting the vultures.  To all of you out there who have some classic pictures, please send them our way for the new website, face book and our photo gallery.

Happy holidays to everyone.  When your kids are driving you completely crazy, we still have some accommodation left.


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