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The Manor House

Blanco’s Manor House consists of four spacious units and a wonderful communal lounge and dining room area.  The surrounding gardens and views are the perfect fit for someone who wants a truly revitalising holiday. Comfortable and spacious, our rooms are still simple and are equipped with nothing more than lovely country charm which perfectly complements our 100 year old guest farm.

Each individual unit is completely private for individual families and each has its own garden or private balcony.  Alternatively, for a group of 4 families to take the house together, it works beautifully as added to the spacious rooms, it boasts an extremely tasteful and spacious private lounge (with a magnificent fireplace for the winters) and dining room area for everyone to congregate.  As a holiday destination, one could not ask for more comfort whilst having the full farm experience at the same time.  Dining still takes place in the main Blanco dining room.

The Manor House offers four suites:





Mountain View Suite

This is a magnificent upstairs unit with its own private balcony, a 100 square meter room for the adults and a separate room for children.  It also has its own lounge area and fire place, king size bed and luxurious bathroom.  The views from this unit are unbeatable and a stay here will refuel even the most depleted of us.





Ground Squirrel

This is a downstairs unit boasting its own enormous country veranda overlooking the fields and mountains where the horses, ground squirrel, guinea fowl, ducks, porcupine, zebras, kudu and baboons hang out.  This unit consists of two bedrooms sharing a bathroom.  The main bedroom has a lounge area in it as well.  The children’s room leads out onto a little garden with a tree house and some swings.




Sunset Suite

This is also an upstairs unit and consists of two bedrooms and a lovely private lounge area.  It is has its own private balcony.  This is a wonderful unit with gorgeous rooms, views of the most amazing sunsets and plenty of space.




Guinea Fowl

This is the smallest of our units but it is a gorgeous one with two country rooms sharing a bathroom.  The adult’s side opens up onto a magnificent private lawn.

All the suites are stylish and exclusive in a country charm type of way, and boast stunning views of the surrounding mountains and glorious Blanco countryside.  Enjoy all that Blanco is famous for – roast potatoes, incredible family fun and down-to-earth farm-style hospitality – while feeling a little bit more pampered and special. The magic of Blanco can be felt in every corner of the Manor House…let it embrace you and allow you to remember how amazing life is.

Does it look like your version of home away from home? Have a look at the rates here.